In addition to providing various services, and legal consultations, the CFB Avocat & Associés firm represents affording its clients in all types of businesses and in different areas of law, it can plead cases in all judicial and administrative bodies, in accordance with the requirement of the advocacy law.

Having an extensive experience in negotiating, editing conventions and drafting different types of contracts, the CFB Avocat & Associés firm deals with different areas of law and can provide legal assistance to its clients in order to enter into contracts and agreements because we strongly believe that a law firm should satisfy the expectancies of its clients, we accordingly, organized the office tasks into several sections which include most areas of law:


1- Department of companies’ formation and drafting different kinds of contracts:

This section deals with the establishment of companies and provides legal coverage up to their forming and their launching through the preparation of the hearing records required by the usual functioning of the companies.

2- Department of civil and commercial conflicts:

This section examines disputes of civil and commercial nature ,proposes the most suitable solutions, and decides for the best procedures to adopt before resorting to justice.

3- Department of tax conflicts:

This department provides appropriate assistance to clients in the field of fiscality. It defines the privileges and the tax exemption in various sectors in case of tax disputes; it represents the clients in the fiscal authorities.

4- Department of labor and social conflicts:

This section is concerned with different social conflicts by providing help and support to institutions in order to ensure stable work within these institutions through the drafting of employment contracts conform to the labor code and to collective agreements.

5- Department of real estate:

This section seeks to meet the needs of all our clients concerning their legal position and dueness of their estates by providing real estate applications to land registration or by freeing the land titles from their inertia. This section is also concerned with the formulation of apportionment of real estate projects either consensual or judicial.

6- Department of recovering debts:

This section is active in the field of debt recovery and its rescheduling; it is handled by specialized professionals who have long experience in debt collection and property survey.

7- Department of criminal conflict:

It is concerned to defend the clients in criminal cases and economic crimes.

8- Department of intellectual and industrial property:

This department is concerned with the registration and the protection of the industrial property as well as the settlement of disputes in cases of conflicts.

9- Department of disputes related to competition:

This section represents the clients in the various conflicts of competition in the competition council and in all relevant bodies